Ruby Complete Eye Brush Set
Ruby Complete Eye Brush Set
Ruby Complete Eye Brush Set

Ruby Complete Eye Brush Set

8 piece eye brush set

Made in P.R.C.

Ruby Complete Eye Brush Set is our selection of 8 brushes, designed as a complete range for makeup application on eyes, under-eye area and eyebrows. The super soft fibers, synthetic and 100% cruelty free, perfectly mimic high quality natural bristles. A precious ruby-smoky metallic bag keeps the brushes together, and with their transparent ruby look, they add a stylish touch to your beauty collection!

• N305: thanks to its shape, it’s perfect to blend concealer on the under-eye area and on the upper lid as a base for makeup. Ideal for cream products.
• N303: to blend and diffuse eye products on the lash line.
• N103: to define the shape of eye makeup and brows, or to create cut-crease and halo eye looks.
• N204: to easily and evenly apply eyeshadow on the full upper lid.
• N205: for precise blending.
• N304: to blend and diffuse eyeshadow over the crease.
• N306: to smoke out eyeshadow and to evenly create monochromatic looks.
• N102: to define the brows with precision, or to create graphic lines or smoked out eyeliner looks, both with cream and powder products. It comes with a spoolie to groom lashes and eyebrows.