Liberty X System

Composing your own Liberty X Palette is an act of creativity

Liberty X is an immediate and sustainable system that allows you to create something that represents you and your style! You will be able to stack two palettes and always create new ones.

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Liberty X Mono

NABLA Liberty X Mono are avant-garde eyeshadows for their innovative textures and performances. The different finishes are spaced out in brand new shades that range from essential to exclusive colors.

39 shades

Create your custom palette

Create your custom Liberty X Palette with NABLA configurator and preview it! 

Discover all the eyeshadows, select your favorites and place them as you like in the palette.

You will receive a free Liberty X Palette, every time you complete it with 4 eyeshadows.

It’s time to play!

Liberty X Palette

The Liberty X Palette contains 4 easily refillable eyeshadows. Through invisible magnets on the back, 2 Liberty X Palettes can be instantly stacked together to have up to 8 shades always with you.

3 shades