Cupid's Arrow Summer Set
Cupid's Arrow Summer Set

Cupid's Arrow Summer Set

Set of 6 Cupid’s Arrow

€83,25 €111,00
Made in Italy
6 x 0.8 g / 0.03 oz.

CUPID'S ARROW SUMMER SET offers all the brand new shades of Cupid’s Arrow, at a special price, plus a free precious pouch!

Cupid’s Arrow is the iconic multi-use stylo pencil with a long-lasting, rich and creamy texture that gives immediate full color pay-off. Perfect for smoked out applications, but also precise as a Cupid's Arrow.

The set features:
• #12 Khaki - khaki green
• #13 Mauve - medium mauve
• #14 Pecan - rosy brown
• Pop Sage - sage green (limited edition)
• Pop Bubble Gum - bright pink (limited edition)
• Pop Sky - bright light blue (limited edition)
• Puffy Beauty Bag - Silver Small for free!

Web exclusive in limited edition!