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Liberty Six Palette
Liberty Six Palette
Sold Out

Liberty Six Palette

Empty refillable palette

Made in P.R.C.

Please note that this product is not available in the USA and Canada.

The Liberty Six is a palette designed for you, in which you can place six Nabla Eyeshadow Refill pans of your choice. The surface of Liberty Six, on which you lay the refills, is magnetic, giving you complete freedom in organizing your palette whilst providing a strong and secure contact for the refills. You can arrange your colors in a very practical manner. We designed the palette to be compact, durable and very stylish.

• The palette is sold empty but you can buy the Eyeshadow Refill pans here.
• External dimensions: 11cm x 7.5cm x 1cm.
• Magnetic base.
• Rigid acrylic transparent window.